ART WEEK JOBURG provides the platform to showcase as well as reinforce the existing strengths of the Joburg Art scene. Modelled on ART WEEK Cape Town, ART WEEK is an initiative aimed at increasing the visibility of, and strengthening, the visual arts industry in cities throughout South Africa. For one week each year, galleries, museums, creative platforms, arts organisations and artists, collaborate to create a strong public focus on the vibrant art scene of your city.

The purpose of ART WEEK is to develop new audiences and increase public awareness of the vibrant contemporary art scene in South African cities starting with Cape Town and Johannesburg, as well as to promote the activities of many artists, curators and other innovators living in and around the city. Importantly, ART WEEK also seeks to invigorate the commercial aspect of the industry, in turn generating employment opportunities.

The aim is for ART WEEK to become an annual highlight on the cultural calendar of both cities, and increase public access to and appreciation of the visual arts in the Cape Town and Johannesburg/Gauteng area. Based on similar successful models abroad, ART WEEK in Cape Town and Johannesburg creates a public programme for one short period each year, in which galleries, museums, creative platforms, arts organisations and artists have the opportunity to share audiences and information resources. All participants have their various events included on a map/programme booklet which is distributed free of charge around the city. Unlike a typical festival or serial exhibition, the content of ART WEEK is generated entirely by participants.


ART WEEK JOBURG 2018 had over 50 events that took place between the 1st of September and the 9th of September. These events were hosted by galleries, institutions, and the artists themselves. They ranged from; exhibitions, walkabouts, public talks to panel discussions, public performances, and artist’s open studios amongst others.  

ART WEEK thanks the generous supporters and sponsors of the 2018 edition of ART WEEK JOBURG.


ART WEEK JOBURG 2018 production: